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Professor and Manuscript
Professor Solomon examines the manuscript

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The Book of King Solomon

A life of King Solomon,
written by his court historian!

Such, apparently, were the contents of an old Hebrew manuscript, handed on to Professor Solomon by an elderly relative.

Its brittle pages were filled with tales of the king: his adulterous father (King David), his youth, his rivals for the throne, his accomplishments as ruler, his wise judgments, his many wives, his visits to the Cave of the Ages, his magic ring, his association with Asmodeus (king of the jinn), his building of the Temple, his speaking with birds, his encounter with Goliath, Jr., his meeting with the Queen of Sheba, his excursions on a flying carpet, his wandering as a beggar, his final days.

THE BOOK OF KING SOLOMON—fact or fiction? An ancient chronicle or a latter-day fabrication? A sensational find or a literary hoax?

Whatever the case, it is an engaging book—highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn more about “the wisest of men,” his place in history, and his relevance today.

446 pages. Illustrated.

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King Solomon on his throne
   Ring of King Solomon

      A Magic Ring
      Magic Rings

Melchizedek’s Hourglass
Melchizedek and King Solomon
An Experiment with Time

Flower in front of an old gravestone
The Jewish Afterlife

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