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How to Make a Thinking Cap

A thinking cap can boost your confidence, and focus
your mental energies. Here’s how to make one.

1. Take a folded sheet of newspaper and locate its centerline. Fold the upper corners down to meet the centerline.

step 1

step 2

2. Fold the top sheet up to meet the base of the triangle.

step 3

3. Fold it up again to create the band of the cap.

4. Turn the cap over and fold the right and left edges so that they meet at the centerline. (For a large-size cap, let them fall an inch short of the center-line.)

step 4

step 5

5. Fold the lower corners to the bottom of the band.

step 6

6. Fold the flap up over the band.

step 7

7. Fold the top of the flap down into the band.

step 8

8. Fold the peak of the cap down to the bottom of the band. Tuck it in.

step 9

9. Open the cap and flatten its top. Fold the pointed ends down into the band.

step 10

10. Don the cap…and you’re ready to think.

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